Make this Sweet Tea Cocktail into a Gift

Nothing quite unwinds you like a cocktail...and nothing says appreciation like a gift. Serve our Sweet Tea Cocktails for Mother's Day and then give Mom all of the fixins to make them at home! (Find the links to each product below the image.)

Make this Sweet Tea Cocktail into a Gift!  |

1. The Cocktail Makers Kit includes all of the necessary bar utensils to get started  2. Fresh Mint can be used all week long in plain iced tea as well!  3. Owl's Brew "The Classic" Tea for Cocktails is great not only for this recipe, but countless others.  Give Owl's Brew and let the mixing and experimentation begin!  4. Stainless steel straws are so handy to keep on hand and they wash up in the dishwasher for use after use.  5. Fresh Lemons  6. Southern Cocktails Cookbook...the gift that keeps giving!  7. Hendricks Gin is always good for properly stocking any bar.  8. Ball Jar Wide Mouth Mason Jars are great for serving iced cocktails or even iced tea all year long!

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